Friday, June 29, 2012

Bored and Unproductive?

Today's article on the Domestic Kingdom blog begins to tackle the issue of being a bored and unproductive mother. I have recently come across this blog after meeting Gloria Furman at The Gospel Coalition's 2012 Women's Conference, and I highly recommend the site as a place to find tips and encouragement.

Today's post gave me much to consider. I understand where Chasity is coming from, because not long ago, I was in the same spot... sitting home with tiny children, wondering what to do next. Today, I cherish my time at home. I am certain that partially, at least, I cherish my time at home because there is never enough of it. Nevertheless, here's my response:

1) Allowing our children to work side-by-side with us through the day teaches them not only practical life-skills (washing dishes, making beds, doing laundry, preparing meals), but it also teaches them a Christlike life of service to others.

2) Opening our homes to show hospitality to others teaches our children that home is a safe, loving, warm place to be and to rest in the fellowship of Christ. So, invite others to your home as a way of sharing the blessings in your life with them and in order to bless them with friendship as well.

3) While schooling and formally educating our children is important, little ones learn best through playing and doing. Don’t feel obligated to do arts and crafts with them everyday, as this is not necessarily a natural part of living for most people. However, crafting a meal, reading, counting and measuring ingredients, etc.– these are simple examples of necessary lessons for little ones.

4) Finally, being away from home should be seen as a way to contrast the sanctuary that home should provide. Out in the world, there is hurry and there is often too much noise to hear the Lord’s whisper in our hearts. At home, we slow down, we rest, we read, we spend time together, we serve one another, we pray and we worship. Of course, we do other things as well, but these are the marked differences between home and away.

5) Sometimes, home is not the sanctuary we would love it to be at all times. However, when we keep our focus on Christ and have the goal to keep a Christ-centered home, He will always bring us back to Himself. The restless moments will come to a halt, and the noise will subside. At these times, we must keep in mind that were it not for the valleys, we would never see the mountains. Without sin, we would never see the cross.

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